Susan Kyle is a 20 + year veteran of the technology industry with a proven track-record in solving clients’ challenges. Her creative instincts help clients envision their workflows in an innovative way by leveraging today’s technologies. Furthermore, her recommendations account for the ever-changing landscape of her clients’ business objectives and processes while providing future proof state of the art solutions. Susan is passionate about successful business workflow, efficiencies, mobility and cost savings across an organization.

Susan Kyle

Regional Sales Director - Midwest

Carla brings 20+ years technology expertise and has implemented a variety of SaaS applications to clients from the SMB to Fortune 1000 space. She understands the fundamental importance for a business to move process from a silo to a single platform solution.Her passion to positively impact an organization’s bottom line by solving business challenges with technology gives her clients the edge. Being a creative individual, the thought of being able to re-imagine and recreate her client’s business models via technology is an incredible driver and motivation for her.

Carla Virola

Regional Sales Director - East

Dennis has 20+ years experience in business consulting in SaaS and Training Development. He is a professional speaker who has presented to over 25k sales professionals and leaders world-wide. His leadership continues drive state of the art cloud solutions to Positive Results clients. His vision is to help small and mid-size companies leverage technologies to be more responsive, profitable, and capable to compete in an every changing business landscape.

Dennis Kyle


Shane Piskur joined the Positive Results in 2015 from the Wells Fargo IT team. He has a breadth of knowledge in cloud based solutions and tailoring them to clients across industries in Health Care, Service and Manufacturing. He is passionate in his approach to client first methodology and understanding a client's key business needs and incorporating them into a unified solution.

Shane Piskur

Manager of Customer Experience

Marcella's dynamic approach to learning and development allows her to lead client projects with a focus on goals, objectives and outcomes of the learner in mind. She brings a unique skill set of traditional instructional design with a heavy dose of technology experience. She has 20+ years experience in training with specializations in sales strategy, business process and organizational development. She is our resident counselor with 15+ years as a licensed hypnotherapist experience.

Marcella McMahon

Director of Training